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Meet The Owner

Avery Riforgiate

Here at ProSource Lawn Maintenance we feel its important to know just who your hiring and their background. We guarantee there is no other company that can be trusted more than us!

Meet the Owner: Meet the Team

One day at 13 years old Avery was out walking home from school with his friends throwing snowballs at each other. One bad throw later they ended up breaking a large custom living room window. He and his friends were each fined for the replacement of the window at over $900 a person. Obviously no 13 year old had that kind of money laying around so the only thing Avery thought he could do was to start his own lawncare business in his small home town of Hinckley, Illinois. He maintained that business for several years until he graduated high school. After high school Avery enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and became an Infantry Marine.


During his time in the Marines Avery was stationed in Washington D.C. performing duties at the Pentagon and White House. Avery later transferred to the west coast to serve with 1st Battalion 7th Marines in Twenty-nine Palms, California. While stationed in California Avery met his wife Camille and together they have a son named Wade. Avery served in the Marine Corps for 10 years with deployments to Afghanistan and the Indo-Pacific region. After the military Avery and his family settled in the great state of Texas where they started ProSource Lawn Maintenance.

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