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Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Professional touch at an affordable price

ProSource Lawn Maintenance is your one stop shop for all of your lawn care and landscaping needs.
Each client is incredibly important to us and we understand not everyone's needs are the same. We pride ourselves on having clear communication, nothing is more irritating than a company that is hard to get in touch with or terrible with communicating. That is why we will work with you every inch of the way, step by step giving you personalized care that fits your budget. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Services: Services

General Lawn Care

Stand Out From Your Neighbors

We are simply the best when it comes to lawn care. Our general lawn care service includes mowing, string trimming, edging, and clean up of grass clippings from your hard surfaces.
Regardless of property size or difficulty we pride ourselves on giving every customer the same treatment and professional care you deserve. We are the top rated lawn care service provider in Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, Rowlett, Parker, and Lucas   
Call today to request an appointment or to get your free quote.


Landscaping & Design

Curb Appeal At Affordable Rates

If you want to renovate your existing  landscapes, or you are starting from scratch let ProSource Lawn Maintenance help you. We will work with you step by step to help bring your aspirations to life while working within your budget.
We make the process simple by breaking it down to three phases: Planning, Design, Installation. Planning starts by meeting with you and walking through your property discussing what you want, your budget, and what your property will allow. In our Design phase we take that information and make a rendering for your approval and talk through any changes you'd like done. During the Installation we take our time insuring your property stays clean and safe following all applicable local codes or guidelines. In the end you won't even know we where there and  we guarantee you will love the results!


Mulch Installation

Fresh Colors To Make Your Landscapes Pop

Whether you have old discolored mulch or no mulch at all we can bring your property and flower beds to life with fresh mulch. NO job is too big for us. Request a quote and representative will meet with you to discuss color options and how we will bring your dream to reality.


Seasonal Clean Up

Clean Properties Create Healthier Lawns

Fall through Spring
We will take care of fallen branches, leaf removal, flowerbed cleanup, weeding, and even the rare need for snow removal. We can make your property gleam in those off season months. We offer one time clean ups or regular maintenance cleanups that will consist of bi-weekly or monthly mowing services depending on growth and weather.

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Flower Bed Maintenance

Weeding and Bed Redefinition

Give your knees and back a break from trying to keep up with endless weeds. We can free your bed of all those pesty weeds and grasses that seem to never quit growing in your beautiful landscapes. We also offer bed redefinition - Over time your flower bed edges erode away or were never given that crisp edge to begin with. We can redefine all your edges by hand or install/reinstall new hard edges. i.e. metal/plastic/wood/stone.


Sod Install

Instant Lawn

If your lawn is dead, bare, or in need of some erosion control let us help you take care of that with sod. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle your sod installation at an affordable cost. We offer Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia.



Stay Green All Year Long

Fill in those bare spots and thicken up your lawn with overseeding. Or overseed with a winter Rye to keep that beautiful green color all year long. Late spring and Early fall are the perfect times to overseed your lawn and when paired with our aeration and dethatching service you are giving your lawn the tools to be greener and thicker than ever before.


Aeration & Dethatching

Let Your Lawn Breathe For A Thicker Healthier Lawn

Your lawn takes a tole every year getting compacted and drowned out by debris buildup between your grass and the soil especially with the warm season grasses. Your soil needs to breathe, get fresh light, and nutrients in order for your lawn to look top notch. Call us today to find out more on our aeration and dethatching services.


Trimming & Pruning

Trimming Maintains Size and Health 

Let us trim your overgrown bushes, shrubs, and trees. Letting your plants grow without following recommended trimming and pruning schedules can ruin your landscapes and even cost you more money in the end by killing neighboring plants. If you wait to long to cut back your plants to an appropriate size it can leave bare spots or even kill the plant. We utilize proper industry standards and techniques to keep shrubs, hedges, and trees healthy season long.


Landscape Lighting

Beauty and Saftey

Landscape lighting is sometimes overlooked or thought to be excessively expensive adding costs to your utility bill. We are happy to say that's just not the case. We only use low wattage LED lights with a variety of warmth levels to suit your tastes. Landscape lighting will not only enhance to look of your existing home, it will also add safety. Studies show accidents and burglaries happen less often to homes that are decoratively lit up.

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Something Else You Have In Mind?

Call or Email

If you are in our service area of Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, Rowlett, Parker, and Lucas we can help. We are open to your specific requests all you need to do is ask.

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